Collection of unique audio-collages made of melancholic tunes and aloof “cold” sound experiments reflecting fragile overtones of one’s solitude and creating dusky-lyrical soundtrack for modern human dystopia.

Am I Jazz

Wide variety of jazz and jazz inspired music, selected by the "Am I Jazz" festival ideologist and Closer.Jazz curator Olga Bekenshtein.

All Music is Jazz

Dream Weapons

Handpicked obscurities of all genres from every corner of the globe by Sadhu Sadhu, Pabha Devi and Moahaha from Dream Weapons.

Wednesday Unkut

All you need is a groovy beat!

Lovely Songs for Lovers

Love songs for those who love to love!

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

The endless pilgrimage to the other side of the music ark: weird, obscure & rare tunes selected by Anthony Junkoid.

Black Market Trade

Music that was born in web. The pulse of contemporary post-future crystalized revolution. Hosted by Ross Khmil.

Sonic Soup

Eclectic borsch compiled by vinyl collector from Kharkiv - Gapon aka Alexandr Kudryavtsev.

Шоу Жениной Потной Ноги и Наташиной Волосатой Ноздри

Lousy show driven by collectors of the universal scum, dying for bad music.

Criminal Practice

Union of Kiev-based electronic dance music producers who promote lo-fi and ghetto house.

Misha & David


Psychedelia shades

1ft more

Guest mixes from beloved djs and selectors who can’t visit container yet.

Spaceship Tunes

Vibrant soundtracks for space cruising from Kyiv-based sound producer & graphic designer Poly Chain.

Osnova Kyiv

Broadcasts with Osnova community and their friends.

DFA Records w/ Sergey Vovk

Collection of DFA vinyls collected, borne and mixed with love by Sergey Vovk.

Anadolu Invasion

Start your journey through the fairy and mystic sound of Turkish 70's with 20ft special series. Mixture of funky, garage and psychedelic tunes, only three mixes, each of them is an unforgetable trip through the joy and pain of Selda Bagcan, Erkin Koray, Kamuran Akkor and other significant figures of Anadolu scene.

Царство Небесне

Розважальне шоу "Царство Небесне" в якій DJ Капличка та МС 40 Днів грают треки груп яких ти не чув, але в чиїх худі ходиш на рейви.

Taliban Swag

Sophisticated selection of trippy world grooves, old school hip-hop, oriental disco, african funk, anatolian rock , psychedelic electronic music and etc.

Smooth Salad

Series of lo-fi bubblegum funkysoul and raw low budget black music compilations by Vitalique Khoteev.


Explore Ukrainian underground music together with Kiev-based artist and musician Kosko Kosko and his guests. 


Tunage show with Strictly is dedicated to fresh jungle and drum & bass records.


Kashtan show is all about Ukrainian electronic scene. Tune in every fortnight on Mondays and Rhythm Büro's one and only Vera Logdanidi will deliver all the hot news and the freshest sounds from local artists and labels!

Elektric Sandwich

Talk show driven by Dmytro Nikolaienko (Muscut Records) and Dmytro Prutkin.


Middle eastern and mediterranean grooves then and now mixed by Alexander Zakharov. 

Ukrainian Psychedelic Pop

Swinging lounge from polonyna

Module LIVE

«Модуль» (eng. - Module) is a new generation of dance electronic music in Ukraine. The Main idea is to promote live performance and support local artists.

Music for Murder

Coctail composed of noir music, soundtracks, dense dark jazz that will help you to die and revive in order to die again.


Based in Kiev independent promo group presents their friends and more.

20ft Electronics

Take a journey to a brief history of the key genres of electronic music together with favorite experts of 20ft Radio.

Series is sponsored by JagerVibes.

NoneSide Dubs

The sound of Kiev's basement parties. Vinyl only music label.

'No borders, no sides'

OTO Radio

OTO is an online radio and music community for those who are in a constant search for something new (especially if one will have to go through piles of old records at a flea market to find this).

20ft Hip Hop

Viscous beats from hood to concerthall.


система | system

система|system is pluridisciplinary art and music project, active in different geo zones. It develops label activities through digital, tapes, specific art objects/projects.

Tales from the Rubber Room

Bimonthly show hosted by Daria Sokolova. The repetitive voyage through devastating romanticism of the past, ennui of the present and terror of the future.

20ft in Moscow

Some of mixes recorded during our trip to Moscow city where we were located at BASEMOSCOW in Gorkiy park.


Zech was originally set up by Serge Taranovskiy and Tanya Endshpill as an experiment of giving a band of schoolboys a chance to investigate relatively unknown music and express themselves during broadcasting time. The show is hosted by Vadim Merkel and his close friends.