Module LIVE

«Модуль» (eng. - Module) is a new generation of dance electronic music in Ukraine. The Main idea is to promote live performance and support local artists.

So what is «live-set»? Live means that music is created right in front of you, here and now. That is what makes every performance so unique. "Module" is not all about techno or house. Every time at Module party you can feel new and unique connection between artists and visitors.

Friedensreich & Splinter (UA) - 03/02/2018

Nikita Zabelin & Knigi - 03/02/2018

Module meets DSCRD - 12/04/2018

Guys from Module Live and their guests from France Dscrd are holding discussion panel.

Potreba - 09/12/2017

Potreba roughly translates to English as "need" or "longing". This word highlights both dimensions at the same time: material and spiritual. Material need is a need for connection with as many people as possible, which is everchanging and transient. Spiritual longing is always the same, its the longing for wholeness, which is eternal and unchanging. This concept goes through my music as shallow and as deep as I can fathom. How this concept manifests itself through my music is not entirely controlled. Particularities of the style and sound cristylize almost by themselves, through me. My attention is toward managing transient and eternal.

Synthkey - 06/12/2017

Live session with Module Live founder Serge Sinskiy aka Synthkey.

r.roo - 01/12/2017

ЛУНА-9 - 03/10/2017

Module Live's Луна-9 is the case when minimalism pays off the quality of sound and the reasoning of every detail, that is rarely seen in a live performances.

Twinlee Live - 01/09/2017

Twinlee is a new name that Module Live discovered. 
In live performance he uses only analogue synths drum-machines and samplers. And, of course, his sound is as unique as his personality.

Modul': Improvisation vol. 1 - 02/07/2017

Live improvisation performance with all members of Modul' showcase. The aim of following experiment is to learn how to listen to each other. Gathered the whole orchestra of electronic musicians, they divided roles via instruments. Everything that happened beforehand is pure improvisation.

Smereka Beats Live - 01/06/2017

Mikki Ghallas Live - 02/05/2017

Ghallas is a name of the project which was born in Kiev toss in September, 2015, originates from Ukrainian word «галас» (noise). The musician experiments with such styles of electronic music as techno and industrial.

Smereka Beats Live - 06/04/2017

The master of coniferous techno and Kiev-based shaman Smereka Beats creates special sound of his live sets that is easy to recognize from the first notes. His music can be described as eclectic electronics, techno, house, sometimes even industrial with intertwined minimalistic sounds, and sometimes complex polyphony.

Salmiac Live - 23/03/2017

Salmiac project was started as a techno/house but then he threw any of limitations away, so now it is pure ‚electronic‘ music. Also he is a master of lamp Korg Electribe groovebox.

Synthkey & Miron Live - 01/03/2017

Synthkey and visual artist Miron, when these two worlds met - unique improvisational live project was born since then they've been surfing on a groovy flow. They have strong background behind, Synthkey played synths in psychedelic rock band and Miron has been VJ-ing and doing media installations on numerous electronic music events, that helped to completely improvise on stage with synthesisers and drum machines and sync with audience on the fly. Every performance is unique, and never have the same note sequence or drum pattern. This is the main reason why audience always feel connected with their music, because they are creating at the current moment and connecting to the energy on the dance floor, because of that they are also able adapt to the time, atmosphere and vibes on the venue, or the festival where they are playing.
Synthkey also a founder of Module Live events in Kiev focused on only live electronic
music. Recently SYNXRON played on the main stage their live performance on L’tronica festival in Poland with such artists as Xosar, Shifted, Insolate and many more.