wonky sega

We are glad to present you totally sick 16-bit diptych Wonky Sega w/ George Babanski! show consists of two parts and dedicated to early 90's game soundtracks made by American (1 Episode) and Japanese (2 Episode) composers.

Thanks to the technical limitations imposed by the era to gaming composers, this music turned to relic articulated neon sound that was never Before, and will be never After.

Tracklist (Game Name/Composer):
001. Earthworm Jim & Earthworm Jim 2 - Tommy Tallarico
002. The Adventures of Batman & Robin - Jesper Kid
003. Red Zone - Jesper Kid
004. Sub-Terrania - Jesper Kid
005. Vectorman & Vectorman 2 - Jon Holland
006. Wolverine: Adamantium Rage - Rob Lord, Jason Page