Sharkeisha - 16/09/2018

Mix by Peterburg-based dj Sharkeisha, founder of W A V E S community. Set itself represents investigation of rhythm and analogue sound: early EBM and industrial bring along Japanese new wave, so that it seems there are no georgraphic borders at all. Complex rhythmic structures and multilayered pulsing sequences create solid ruthless sound that nevertheless has quite hypnotic effect.

Hjördis-Britt Åström - 1 year ago

Music of Hjördis-Britt Åström label (Rostov on Don) formed and run by Dmitry Gruber.

vulva sun - 23/05/2017

2 hours of acoustic ecology act made  by Vulva Sun project from Karelia

Shaman tud - 16/06/2017

Selection by Shaman Tud - psychedelic rock band from St.Petersburg.

In a Relaxed Crowd w/ Chikiss - 29/11/2017

Guest mix for 20ft Radio recorded by Chikiss aka Galina Ozeran in a rowdy Berlin bar. It sounds like you’re tripping on 25I-NBOMe, so tune in and drop out!

kgbk - 09/03/2018

On of the extra feet goes to the London based (born in Lithuania) producer KGBK aka Konstantin Semionov - host of bimonthly podcast Parabox on LyL Radio (UK) . 

Psycho Tropiques - 16/03/2018

Psycho Tropiques  is a duo working on the advent of tropicality under the influence of latinoriental synaesthesias and chaa'bi do Brazil. For 20ft Radio they present guest selection of bittersweet and relaxing organic sounds. A bit melancholic, but also soothing and mellow. Just like a rainy evening in the beginning of spring.